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San Luis Obispo, CA food lovers know that Chili Peppers Restaurant is much more than a Mexican restaurant. Even though the eatery specializes in Mexican cuisine, it also serves a variety of other cultural offerings with pizzazz and affordability. This Mexican restaurant also prepares and serves fresh American, Asian, Italian, and Western cuisine foods. Their meatball sub sandwiches and hamburgers are very popular with those wanting a quick, tasty, and nutritious meal. If anyone wants to know the tastes of any particular reason, simply ask one of their trained kitchen staff for more information.

Marketing experts know a menu provides a visual representation about an eatery's professional image, attention to detail, the food quality and overall culinary expertise. This Mexican restaurant has a clean, easy-to-read menu that has tons of menu items available for the choosing. The pictures leave many viewers drooling for more!

Large serving sizes are the norm at this popular Mexican restaurant. Many customers claim to have enough for two to three meals. This is one reason this restaurant is so popular with budget-crunching students. They get a great bang for their buck!

When food portions are too large, customers can request taking home leftovers. Known as doggy bags, food is conveniently placed into Styrofoam containers to assure freshness and hotness for as long as possible. Containers are microwaveable for ease and convenience at a later date. The same containers are used for carry out orders, also.

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